ZHON:The Alien Interviews TV Series 04/2011 to 09/2012 20 Ep Sci-Fi Dramedy

the avenue documentary 08/2010-03/2011 ...the soul of Tucson

Not a Minor Key 03/2009 a video for any species

il mondo esploso in amore 02/2009 "Francis Song"

and for other purposes 07/2005 ...why we must go despite the "costs"

BENEATH the BEAUTY documentary 09/2009-01/2010 Hamilton, America

Mill Avenue Inc documentary 12/2007-06/2008 a right turn that should have been left

Anima Sol 02/2006 ...Leonardo's Message

What's Going On Up There? documentary 01-02/2007 Space? It's also down here

where r the ppl? 01/2006 The false profits of TV

John Lennon Piece 12/2005 video retrospective/renewing

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The Page Music

Columbia Disaster/Space 07/2003-06/2008 videos/multimedia/stories/opinions

Hurricane Katrina 11/2005 a music video essay

"US" a patriotic music video 10/2004 ...star spangled dissidence

Pat Tillman Page, Videos and more 05-09/2004 ...live it like Pat!

Asian Tsunami Concept Videos 02/2005 What is 275,000 people?

With All We Had 07/2005 Tsunami Relief quasi-Documentary

Frozen 12/2005 9/11,Bush, the Left, the Right and progressive spirituality

Mayan Calendar 04/2008...an intro/an angle

"my red chucks" 03/2009 it's all in the feet...or on Youtube!

Siempre Adelante! 02-03/2009 Always forward ...religiously

Somewhere in Arizona 05/2008 video postcardd

It's Time/PHX SUNS 05/2008 ...a little sports

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