20 Minute Tribute Video NASA/STS107 Disaster Video Essay

If there had been live coverage STS107 Reentry Video Reconstruction

My Theory That NASA Transcribed Husband's Second To Last  Statement Incorrectly Rick Husband's "Final Words"

How the foam did it Columbia Disaster Basics

The Video I Personally Captured Of Columbia's Reentry That Morning 2/1/03, Navajo Nation...my video

A Juxtaposition Video Challenger/Columbia Video Essay

Talkin 'bout Space

Paths and Recollections

Cool 30 minute film What's Going On Up There?

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BENEATH THE BEAUTY "all politics is local"

NOT A MINOR KEY a video for any species!

THE MAYAN CALENDAR it's not an ending



TELEVISION "where r the ppl?"


il mondo esploso in amore



PAT TILLMAN "Live it like Pat!"

COLUMBIA DISASTER - shuttle pictures, video, audio, memorial by Chris V alentine. The Space shuttle crash.




















ZHON:The Alien Interviews Science Fiction dramedy web series

"Zhon" is a 3.5 hour, 20 episode web series that I edited and was the sound and visual effects supervisor in 2011 & 2012

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Website Info: The Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster ~ Home Video of Columbia ~ Audio Recordings of Columbia Disaster ~ Final Transmissions from Columbia ~ Tribute Video for The Shuttle

Columbia ~ Comparison Video of the Challenger & Columbia Disasters ~ Video Reconstruction of The Shuttle Columbia Disaster ~Opinion About The Final Words From Columbia ~ Music Video History of NASA ~Personal Discription From Chris Valentine Involvement In

The Investigation of The Columbia Disaster ~ STS-107 Mission Events and Crewmembers Dave Brown, Rick Husband, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark, Willie McCool,Mike Anderson and Ilan Ramon ~ What Was The Cause of The Columbia Disaster ~ Chris Valentine