This is my video reconstruction of Columbia's final reentry

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Please read my opinion on what I feel is an error in the transcription of the audio transmissions from Columbia shortly before the vehicle break-up. This page contains many additional reentry files
Amateur and professional video, NASA audio and my graphics are combined to produce this "realtime" video


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COLUMBIA DISASTER HOME ...more raw video, music video, story and opinion by Chris Valentine

NOTE: I have seen some comments voicing that this video displays how "out of touch" NASA's mission control was with the reality that morning. I completely disagree. Let me remind you, there was no live TV coverage of the re-entry and 99% of the public had no idea it was even taking place. The people at mission control would gain no valuable information by actually viewing the re-entry. They do their jobs by observing data via computers. When all data was lost just before 8 am CST I'm sure all at MCC had a ugly sinking feeling it was going to be a "bad day", but it is part of their training to focus on what is in front of them and continue to do their job. The data simply stopped coming in and to be critical of their failure to sound concerned or to speculate, I feel is a grossly misguided opinion. Not long after this reconstruction video ends the visual reports started flooding in and then they knew that no more data would be received.

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"Zhon" is a 3.5 hour, 22 episode web series that I edited and was the sound and visual effects supervisor in 2011 & 2012

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